Sunday, September 23, 2012

Best Light Pasta Sauce On Earth!

Best Light Pasta Sauce On Earth:
Did you ever eat pasta somewhere and the sauce was just so unbelievable tasting you just never forgot it and really needed to know how to make it???  Well, I have it and know how to make it.  It's a recipe my late father created and used when he needed to make something really fast and really tasty and really really good!  He called it his "fast sauce".  I call it "Joe's Fast Sauce".  

The most amazing thing about this sauce is there are only 5 or 6 ingredients, but each so very important.  Each ingredient can impact this sauce's bright fresh exciting experience on your taste buds!  This sauce just jumps out at you!  It's just amazing!  Just try and have only one serving.  Oh yeah, this sauce tastes best on either a very thin spagetti (not angle hair), or wholesome buccitini.  This sauce is phenomenal on either.  To get the recipe for this sauce you will have to visit our "new" website at when it is completed.  Thank you.  -JC 

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